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Microneedling, peels, masks: Skin treatments we love at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Microneedling, peels, masks: Skin treatments we love at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Microneedling, peels, masks: Skin treatments we love at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

We all know it’s important to look after our skin. But with so many skincare products and skin treatment options, it can be hard to know what’s right for you.

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our team is passionate about skin health. We live and breathe skincare every day, whether it’s medical grade skin treatments, a skin cancer check, or a cosmetic procedure.

Here are the skin treatments our staff love, and love to recommend to our patients.

Microneedling services

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that involves pricking the skin with tiny sterilised needles.

This stimulates your skin’s normal healing response to make more collagen and elastin, which rejuvenates the skin.

Our medical-grade, dermal microneedling systems refine skin texture by reducing fine lines and pore sizes.

“Microneedling allows for controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair mechanism by creating micro ‘injuries’ in the skin, which triggers new collagen synthesis,” said Bass Coast Skin Doctors clinic director Dr Anthony Rixon.

“The result is smoother, younger-looking skin.”

Another major benefit of microneedling services is the remodelling of scars, particularly acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation. We recommend having 3-4 treatments, four weeks apart.

While most patients experience some redness and irritation for a few days after the treatment, microneedling is minimally invasive and allows topical products to be absorbed more deeply into the skin. One of the biggest advantages of choosing our doctor-led skin clinic for this treatment is that we are able to offer patients a prescription-strength topical anaesthetic, making microneedling practically pain-free.

Our Smoother Skin Package, combining the technology of microneedling, LED and restorative mask, is an excellent treatment for maximising the results of microneedling.


Our medical-grade peels deeply exfoliate and hydrate the skin on the face, neck and chest.

These repairing skin treatments help to reduce pore size and keep your skin blemish free while also stimulating collagen production. This reduces fine lines and creates smoother, healthier looking skin.

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, we offer a range of specialist peels tailored to your individual needs, including:

  • Glycolic peels, using glycolic acid to remove dead skin cells from the upper and middle layers of the skin and to remove excess oil from hair follicles, making them an effective acne treatment.
  • Pigment peels, targeting pigmentation in the layers of the skin, improving skin tone balance.
  • Retinoic acid peels, offering an excellent way to repair sun-damaged skin and wind back the ageing clock.
  • Salicylic acid peels, providing a potent treatment for fighting active acne and reducing inflammation.
  • Lactic acid peels, which are a gentle peel that will smooth and brighten your complexion
  • Vitamin A peels, reversing the signs of ageing and improving sun damage, these peels promote cell turnover and collagen production
  • Jessner peels, which use a combination of salicylic acid, lactic acid, and resorcinol to treat oily skin, enlarged pores, congestion and pigmentation

Peels are safe and effective, most often applied to the face, neck and chest. When used consistently, peels are a powerful skin-rejuvenating tool and will help stimulate collagen, resulting in a smoother, blemish-free complexion.

While you will see improvements in your skin after just one peel, a series of three to six peels is recommended, with maintenance one to two times a year, for best results. This will help you to retain the benefits of the peel for longer.

With no down time, it’s easy to schedule these appointments into your day.


Like a serum or moisturiser, a face mask delivers high concentrations of beneficial ingredients to your skin.

Masks work by creating a physical barrier that allows the skin to better absorb the ingredients, creating an instant boost. They come in many forms, from creams and gels to clay and active spices that create a warming sensation.

On its own, a mask is a replenishing mini-holiday for your skin – and a great part of any skincare routine.

Masks can be even more effective when combined other medical-grade skin treatments.

The SkinCeuticals biocellulose restorative mask is specifically formulated to soothe sensitive and dehydrated skin, which makes it an ideal follow-up to the heat of laser procedures and chemical peels. Think of it as an air conditioner in a mask.

“Suitable for all skin types, this is a soothing mask that helps your skin return to normal quicker following procedures. Your skin looks and feels better earlier,” said Dr Rixon.

Why come to see us?

As a doctor-led skin clinic, we have access to a range of medical grade peels that are often stronger and more effective. With many years’ experience, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

And if you live locally and have been looking for a skin clinic that offers microneedling near San Remo or Phillip Island, Bass Coast Skin Doctors can help.

To find out more about the best treatment services for your individual skincare needs, book an appointment with our friendly and experienced team of skin and cosmetic nurses at Bass Coast Skin Doctors.