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Why a doctor-led skin clinic offers you a safer, superior service

Why a doctor-led skin clinic offers you a safer, superior service

Why a doctor-led skin clinic offers you a safer, superior service

When it comes to matters of the skin, who would you trust more: a run-of-the-mill skin clinic or a doctor-led skin clinic?

While an average skin clinic may seem to offer all the services you’re looking for, there are several compelling reasons why receiving skin treatments from a doctor-led clinic is a safer bet.

From having more extensive clinical training to giving a more accurate diagnosis, here’s why a doctor-led skin clinic offers patients a far superior and safer service.

A doctor-led skin clinic offers the highest level of expertise

Bass Coast Skin Doctors is led by Dr Anthony Rixon, who brings many years of experience practising both cosmetic and skin cancer medicine to the clinic.

With a commitment to keeping his training and knowledge up to date, Dr Rixon regularly lectures to doctors and other health professionals on the latest cosmetic procedures. He is also often invited by industry leading companies to train other doctors in using their technology.

This level of medical training offered at our skin clinic ensures that our doctors have the expertise to take a patient’s comprehensive medial history into account when making decisions relating to safety beyond the immediate skin treatment.

While complications from treatments at doctor-led skin clinics are rare, this extensive training means we have the knowledge and skills to address them, should they arise. With experience in treating medical emergencies, our doctors are therefore better equipped to treat reactions and complications from any skin treatment.

A doctor-led skin clinic has access to more products and services

As a doctor-led clinic, Bass Coast Skin Doctors has greater access to products and services, including more effective treatments that are supported by extensive, independent scientific research.

In some cases, prescriptions are needed for patients to access stronger medicines and medical-grade skin treatments. Our doctors have the capacity to prescribe stronger and more effective treatments when needed.

Bass Coast Skin Doctors is led by Dr Anthony Rixon.

A doctor-led skin clinic offers safer practices

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our doctors have undertaken in-depth training in facial anatomy and physiology which ensures safer practices and individualised outcomes for our patients.

Also, as skin cancer experts, we are well positioned to ensure that your spots are correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly. This means that a melanoma or other type of skin cancer, which may appear harmless, will not be missed or inadvertently treated as benign (not cancer) during your skin checks.

This combined knowledge, training and experience allows our doctors to contribute to safer and more effective skin treatments for our clients.

A doctor-led skin clinic adheres to strict medical standards

When it comes to the health of your skin, you should feel safe knowing that your clinician works to the strictest medical standards.

Doctors are governed by the Medical Board of Australia, meaning our doctors have standards we must uphold in order to maintain registration and must undergo ongoing professional education and development in order to stay registered. This means that our patients can be confident in the skills, experience and ethics of our doctors providing the skin treatments.

Our high level of governance spans not only safety and best practice protocols but also ensures we uphold strict ethics in advertising and marketing of our products and services.

Choose a doctor-led skin clinic today

As Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our doctors have years of experience in treating skin and work to the highest industry standards to ensure treatments are safe for patients.

We provide honest and ethical guidance on all skin care matters and will discuss the best treatment options for you, taking into account your lifestyle and individual needs.

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