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Meet Dr Anthony Rixon, clinic director at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Meet Dr Anthony Rixon, clinic director at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Meet Dr Anthony Rixon, clinic director at Bass Coast Skin Doctors

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our passion for skin health drives our mission to provide the highest quality treatment.

That passion starts at the top with clinic director Dr Anthony Rixon, who has dedicated his career to the comprehensive care of patients who are at risk or suffering from skin cancer in a professional and caring environment.

As a skin cancer specialist, he knows that patient education, regular surveillance and early detection are the keys to surviving skin cancer.

In Australia, most fatal cases of skin cancer could have been prevented if the appropriate skin checks were performed by an expert skin doctor, in conjunction with regular self-examination.

Dr Rixon is a general practitioner and skin cancer expert with a Master’s degree in skin cancer medicine. He also has years of experience as a cosmetic physician, and offers a range of cosmetic skills including expert injecting.

He maintains the highest possible standards in diagnosis and treatment through memberships of the Royal Australian College of General Practice, Skin Cancer College Australasia and the Australasian College of Cutaneous Oncology, and regularly attends workshops, conferences, and symposiums to stay updated on industry developments.

Dr Rixon enjoys the education and training of junior GPs and participates as an examiner for the Royal Australian College of General Practice. He is also a lecturer in cosmetic medicine and travels around Australia teaching doctors how to correctly and safely administer cosmetic treatments.

He gained extensive training and experience working in skin cancer clinics in Queensland, which has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, and has practised full-time skin cancer medicine since 2010.

Under the leadership of Dr Rixon, our doctors have the expertise to treat more than 90 per cent of skin cancers at our Wonthaggi clinic, so you don’t have to suffer through lengthy delays for appointments and long commutes to see specialists.

Our state-of-the-art technology, which uses AI (artificial intelligence) software for improved diagnostic accuracy, allows our skin doctors to expertly photograph and monitor lesions so you have the best chance of an early diagnosis.

Dr Rixon is happy to see any patient with concerns in regards to skin cancer, and will provide evidence-based surgical and non-surgical treatments that take into account patients’ specific needs and circumstances.

While he specialises in diagnosing and treating skin cancer, Dr Rixon is also a highly experienced cosmetic physician with proficiency in general dermatology including dermatitis, acne and rosacea/telangiectasia.

Dr Rixon has extensive experience as both a cosmetic physician trained by a dermatologist and as a skin cancer doctor with expertise in complex surgery for skin cancer on the face.

He is an expert dermal filler injector with expertise in facial assessment, anatomy and safe injecting planes, and believes in providing honest advice with a ‘less is more’ philosophy to ensure a natural, refreshed look.

Non-surgical treatments performed by Dr Rixon include cryotherapy, curettage and electrodessication.

He also has extensive experience with topical treatments to combat sun damage and ageing.

Because 90 per cent of cosmetic issues are due to sun exposure, our services align to create a holistic offering of ongoing skin care for our patients.

Dr Rixon believes in creating natural looking results by understanding your individual needs and applying a ‘less is more’ philosophy.

“Most of all, we want your beautiful skin to shine through and to help you achieve the confidence to be who you want to be,” he said.

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Guided by the professionalism and experience of Dr Anthony Rixon, our specialist skin cancer and cosmetic doctors are ideally placed to provide you with accurate diagnoses and medical-grade treatments not available outside a doctors’ clinic.

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, you can also rest assured that a skin cancer is never mistakenly treated as a cosmetic concern.

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