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Skin specialist vs skin doctor: what’s the difference?

Skin specialist vs skin doctor: what’s the difference?

Skin specialist vs skin doctor: what’s the difference?

They might sound like different names for the same profession, but in Australia there are distinct differences between a skin specialist and a skin doctor, and those differences play a key role in the services they provide and the expertise and experience that inform them.

Skin specialists and skin doctors differ in the qualifications they have earned, and the regulation that directs how they work, but also in their access to the latest research and products, as well as professional ethics.

As consumers, it’s important to know that you’re choosing the right skincare specialist for your needs.

Here are the differences between a skin specialist and skin doctor and what you need to know about when choosing a skincare clinic.

What is a skin specialist?

Skin specialist is a broad term that is used to describe professionals that operate in the area of skincare.

Their expertise can range from providing beauty treatments and day-to-day skincare, to the treatment of mild skin conditions such as rashes, redness and blotchiness.

Similarly, a skin specialist’s qualifications can range from beauty therapy diplomas to certificates from small, independent educational institutions.

The key thing to know, though, is that while they can be skilled and experienced, and often work alongside medical professionals to support more advanced procedures, skin specialists are generally not doctors.

What is a skin doctor?

A skin doctor is a qualified and experienced doctor, who has specific expertise in treating skin.

In addition to their medical degrees, they have particular specialist qualifications in the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions. The clinical conditions a skin doctor can treat range from skin cancer checks to acne, dermatitis (dry skin), hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), hyperpigmentation and rosacea.

In some cases, prescriptions are needed for patients to access stronger medicines and medical-grade skin treatments. A skin doctor has the capacity to prescribe stronger and more effective treatments when needed.

Skin doctors are also members of medical organisations, are bound by strict rules of practice, and are often involved in the latest research.

Why does the difference between a skin specialist and a skin doctor matter?

While we often think about our skin in terms of its appearance, skin is actually the largest organ of the body, protecting us from injury and infection and helping regulate our temperature, and needs to be treated and checked with all the seriousness as other organs.

Skin doctors undergo years of medical training, undertake ongoing education, and have access to the latest medical research and products.

They also take into consideration your medical history, so they are able to provide an informed and holistic skin treatment plan for their patients. If referrals are necessary, skin doctors have access to the broader medical community.

The medical profession is highly regulated and controlled, and skin doctors adhere to strict professional standards across all levels of their practice, from diagnosis and treatment to the cleanliness and safety of their rooms.

As doctors, the professionals at Bass Coast Skin Doctors are regulated by the Medical Board of Australia and must undergo ongoing professional education and development in order to stay registered.

They must also adhere to strict rules of marketing and advertising, which means you will never be sold products or services you don’t need.

Above all, it’s important for patients choosing a skincare specialist that they be confident in the skills, experience and ethics of the practitioner providing the skin treatments, and this is why an increasing number are choosing doctor-led skincare clinics.

As Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our skin doctors have years of experience in treating skin and work to the highest industry standards to ensure the best possible treatments for patients.

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