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Looking for a skin clinic in Wonthaggi? Contact Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Looking for a skin clinic in Wonthaggi? Contact Bass Coast Skin Doctors

Looking for a skin clinic in Wonthaggi? Contact Bass Coast Skin Doctors

When it comes to your skin health, why would you trust anyone other than a skin doctor?

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, we are passionate about skin. We believe you deserve great skin not only so you can look better, but because it is vital for a healthier life.

Our doctor-led skin clinic in Wonthaggi offers scientifically proven and medical-grade treatments supported by accurate information about products and services that really work.

Bass Coast Skin Doctors is Wonthaggi’s leading skin clinic

Our doctors’ ongoing training and experience means that they offer the highest level of expertise and adhere to the strictest medical standards.

There are distinct differences between a skin specialist and a skin doctor, and those differences play a key role in the services they provide.

As doctors, the professionals at Bass Coast Skin Doctors are regulated by the Medical Board of Australia and must undergo ongoing professional education and development to stay registered.

They must also adhere to strict rules of marketing and advertising, which means you will never be sold products or services you don’t need.

Our doctors have the expertise to take a patient’s comprehensive medical history into account when making decisions relating to safety beyond the immediate skin treatment, and they have the capacity to prescribe stronger and more effective treatments when needed.

Also, as skin cancer experts, we are well positioned to ensure that your spots and moles are correctly diagnosed and treated accordingly. This means that a melanoma, or other type of skin cancer, which may appear harmless, will not be missed or inadvertently treated as benign (not cancer) during your mole mapping and skin checks.

Our skin clinic is conveniently located in the heart of Wonthaggi, servicing Victoria’s south-east region.

Services available at Bass Coast Skin Doctors in Wonthaggi

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our Wonthaggi skin clinic offers comprehensive and holistic treatment plans that are formulated based on correct assessment and an open dialogue between you and your skin doctor.

Bass Coast Skin Doctors is led by Dr Anthony Rixon, who is a general practitioner, skin cancer expert and cosmetic medicine physician.

In Australia, most fatal cases of skin cancer could have been prevented if the appropriate skin checks were performed by an expert skin doctor, in conjunction with regular self-examination.

Anyone with changing spots, or spots that look very different to others on their body, should have them assessed by an accredited skin cancer doctor as soon as possible.

Our skin cancer services include skin checks and mole mapping, biopsies, excision, topical treatments, photodynamic therapy (PDT) and cryotherapy.

Our cosmetic arm was born from the need to treat sun damaged skin and surgical scarring from skin cancer surgery.

When it comes to medical cosmetics, our mantra is ‘less is more’. Our range of effective anti-ageing solutions target wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin and volume loss, facial redness and brown ‘liver’ spots.

At our Wonthaggi skin clinic, we offer everything from medical-grade skin care, medical peels to LED light therapy to anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, micro-needling, Pelleve RF, and surgical and non-surgical eyelid lifts.

Other concerns our skin doctors treat include acne and acne scarring, dermatitis, rosacea, teeth clenching and excessive seating.

Visit our Wonthaggi skin clinic and speak to our skin doctors

At Bass Coast Skin Doctors, our experienced skin doctors will provide you with expert and ethical guidance on all skincare matters.

And thanks to their extensive clinical training and experience, you can rest assured you’ll get an accurate diagnosis, a safe and effective treatment plan, and access to the latest products and services.

To speak to one of our skin doctors, book an appointment at our Wonthaggi skin clinic.