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What is LED light therapy?

What is LED light therapy?

What is LED light therapy?

Recent endorsements from celebrities and influencers may have led to a surge in popularity of LED light therapy, but what makes people keep coming back is this skin treatment’s safety and remarkable results.

LED light therapy is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment that can be done in your lunch break and can address some of the most common skin concerns.

Here’s what you need to know about LED light therapy, and whether it’s right for you.

What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment used to stimulate the skin’s natural healing process and rejuvenates the skin.

It is used to treat acne, scars, sun damage, and is commonly used as skin rejuvenation.

LED light therapy also aids in recovery from laser procedures, dermal fillers and thread lifts by reducing swelling, redness or bruising.

The treatment is performed using an LED (light emitting diode), which uses light wavelengths that penetrate deep into skin cells. The wavelength used will vary depending on the depth of penetration required and the condition being treated.

LED light therapy focuses on the skin’s mitochondria, tiny intercellular structures. During an LED light therapy treatment, the mitochondria is stimulated, creating more productive cells and reinvigorating the skin’s natural healing abilities.

Did you know that LED was first used by NASA in the early 1990s to assist plant growth in space? Soon afterwards, the medical benefits of LED light therapy became clear and these days it is used to treat skin, hair, soft tissue, joints, and even the brain.

How does LED light therapy treat the skin?

LED light therapy allows the light wavelength to be changed depending on the depth of penetration required: the longer the wavelength, the deeper the penetration.

LED light therapy uses wavelengths of different colours, with each colour penetrating at different depths and performing different functions.

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of lights used and their function:

Blue light

Blue light is the shortest wavelength. It penetrates less than 1mm into the skin and is used to treat epidermal issues. Blue light is a common treatment for acne, killing more than 99 per cent of the bacteria responsible for acne.

Yellow light

Yellow light penetrates up to 2mm into the skin and is often used to treat superficial dermal conditions. Yellow light is often used to treat sun damage, for wound healing, and as a post-laser treatment.

Red light

Red light penetrates up to 3mm into the skin, making it ideal for treating dermal structures of intermediate depth.

Red light is often used to treat inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and sunburn, as well as scarring.

Red light is also used for collagen stimulation and skin rejuvenation and the treatment of superficial non-melanoma skin cancers.


Infrared is the deepest penetrating wavelength, and it penetrates 5-10mm into the skin. It is used to promote skin rejuvenation and collagen stimulation, and to treat scars and sun damage.

What is LED light therapy?

What can I expect during an LED light treatment?

Clients undergoing LED light therapy find it to be a relaxing and painless experience.

You recline or lie down on the bed, wear protective goggles, and the practitioner places the LED light therapy device around your face.

You’ll feel warm and comfortable, and the treatment usually lasts up to 20 minutes.

Is there any pre- or post-treatment advice?

The only preparation required before having LED light therapy is your regular skincare routine. Remove oil and dirt using a cleanser and follow with a light moisturiser.

It’s the same for post-treatment skincare. Follow your normal routine, but make sure you apply sunscreen before heading outdoors, and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

If specific additional advice is needed, your skin doctor or nurse will advise.

At-home vs in-clinic LED light treatment?

You may have seen some at-home LED light therapy devices advertised online.

There has not been enough research done on these devices to measure their effectiveness, but what we do know is that most home devices don’t have the power to penetrate the light to the required depth or to produce enough power to stimulate the target cells.

This means you will never achieve the same results as those you could expect from a professional skin clinic.

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